Why can’t we get free?

Google offers New York City neighborhood free WiFi. Really, I never get lucky to get free anything. But I would love not to have to pay for the crap at home. I pay almost 70.00 per month and they are giving it away in MANHATTAN! Well it is part of their New York offices. Why don’t you give some more away in Maryland. Stupid wish, I know.. but a girl can dream.

Hmm, now this makes you wonder:Pioneer breaks the road trip monotony with three new in-dash multimedia DVD receivers at CES . I have to admit that make me wreck my car… trying to play with that all the time. But again, that is me. Still, it looks amazing!

And another interesting report for you iPhone users to read …iPhone5 Is Worst Of The Top Smartphones: Consumer Reports. I am sorry I missed that tid bit yesterday 😉

Enjoy the day.