Why can’t we be friends? (sarcastic)

Well here it is Monday and I feel I must vent.  Something has been stuck in my head all weekend.  I like to observe situations — yes people watch.  I am noticing some strange habits.  While I spend most of my day online and being socially connected — most of the world is working and only socially connecting part of the time.  So when it’s off time ( well for most people) to stop and spend time with family — those people who worked all day and did not get their social on now wanna do that.. .that’s all they want to do.  BLECK.  Seriously.  I love social media, but seriously I am done at a certain time and especially on the weekend.  I must admit I am more about Twitter and I shy away a little from FB.  I use FB to spread the word — to raise awareness not to connect with those people I went to school with and left in my past.  I believe that it is my job to spread the word and meet people that have the same passions as myself — like my twitter.  I enjoy meeting people online who have the same interests, passions and goals that I do … no to relieve the past.  While I understand my past is important, it is what it is .. the past.  I have met some AMAZING people on FB and Twitter that have helped me through some difficult times with my health and share the same passion I have for the 4 legged creatures.  I just don’t want to relive my past … I don’t want to say remember when… I don’t want to say … back in the day.  I want to connect now, enjoy today.. maybe fall a little tomorrow.  See all the great pictures and videos from the folk on FB that make me smile and let me be me.  Not me from 20 years ago.  I am not the same person.. nor are you.  I like the now and I am ready for tomorrow… I enjoy the new friends I have met on Twitter and FB.. but is is not my life and at some points I must disconnect and be with my now… my family and friends — in person.  So..enjoy your family, friends and your pets .. put down the device.. step away from FB/Twitter and reconnect on a human level… face to face (and not on the computer with facetime).