What makes me worthy in this job market

I am sure it is a question we ask ourselves all the time — what tech skills do we need in this market and who has time to keep up with all of them.

As stated in an earlier post (or shall I say rant) – I have done IT training, consulting and support. I had to take sometime off due health reasons but now I find myself wondering .. AM I WORTHY? Well of course my answer would be heck yes! But what do I need on paper to convince others of that? I am big into social media and I know from experience the power of social media. Ladies and Gentleman– its real, jump on! But the problem is most of my social experience is from my personal side — what intrigues me, what moves me and well what I am doing ;-). How do I make that worthy to add that to my skill set? Hey, I do have some influence– No, not like Aston, but I get around! In a good way, in a social way, in a way to make a difference! Most skill in this arena comes naturally to IT people. But ALL HR recruiters and hiring managers what proof– paper. So how do you keep up with that?

My concern always comes to keeping up with all the latest and greatest (and getting credit for it) — that becomes a full time job on top of the full time job.

So, how do you keep up and are you worthy? I would love to hear your feedback…how do you keep up with your training and skill level in this day and age?

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