Twitter or Facebook — how do you share?

So several times a day, I scour the news and look for items that I think people would be really interested in and maybe haven’t had the chance to check out yet. Most of what I share on my twitter feed is tech news, health news and a few animal stories in between. Well, during football it is so much more then that. I find that I get better updates (and quicker) on my Twitter Football list then anywhere. I rely on it.

So that brings me to what I have noticed as I click the share button… more folks are tweeting then sharing on Facebook. I find that interesting. So what does that tell.. are the tides turning to twitter? Or is it easier and more relevant to share via Twitter then Facebook? Some new sources make it so easy to share others not so much. But it is still, IMO, the best way to “share” news that you believe your followers or anyone else out there would find interesting.

So sign up, read on and share… we are all waiting. And the next time your click on to share the story… check out to see who is winning the share war.. twitter or facebook!