The increase…. Is Amazon Prime worth it?

So after finally breaking down (yes I am late to that party), I recently signed up for Amazon Prime.  What sold me was when I was sick TV got incredibly boring, so I did a simple search on best shows of 2013 (there are several thousands different listings for that search) and decided I was going to broaden my horizons and watch what the internet called great TV.  The problem was my cable provider is not the best when it come to on demand, so I was stuck.  So out comes the playstation and I started watching the shows (most for free) from Amazon.  Oh how I was so surprised what I had missed sticking to my same old same old.  I found Hannibal, Sherlock and Luther just to name a few.  And on top of that I could watch it all at once.  BINGE TV.  How exciting and sad at the same time.  I became addicted quick.  So I was fine when after I signed up form Prime, the took out my money.  Then  2 days later I get the email… hello in 2015 your shit is going up.  Was I irritated  .. sure.  Does it surprise me.. no.  That is all you hear about now… Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or whatever.  But it makes me wanna get rid of cable for sure.

Now I have a year to use the heck out of it and decide if it is worth it?  What are your thoughts?