Some interesting news tidbits

As always, I love to read and scan the headlines early in the morning. But this morning I got sidetracked with our first real snow all season. Yes you read that correctly.. snow and late March. When will the madness end.

I wanted to share some headlines that grabbed my attention and thought you would find interesting on you Monday afternoon:

T-Mobile dropping cellphone contracts (say what
): — that headline alone got me intrigued and a little irritated with my current cell phone contract.

LinkedIn unifies search to push people to content — a better way to help people find jobs… SCORE!

And just in case you missed my sadness in my last post, more news over Google dropping Reader: The Google Reader Problem With Trusting Google.

And one more headline …Lawmaker: Google Glass and driving don’t mix (REALLY?)

Can I just please have my new Galaxy S4 now?