Smartphone Dilemma

So my Palm Pre (that I really love) is starting its slow march towards death. Now the dilemma- the rumor is the new Palm Pre 2 is going to be Verizon only which leaves me out. Everyone keeps trying to push me to the EVO but I really don’t need all that hoopla and I really like the Palm webOS (excuse me I guess that is HP now). The phone is the perfect size to fit right in my pocket when I’m walking the dog and the touch screen responds well even with my gloves on in the winter. HP annouced 2 new phones today, the veer and the pre3 they also released that the Pre2 is up for pre-order tomorrow at Verizon. The Pre 3 will be available this summer but the loss of the Palm name is quite noticeable to us Palm followers and my question is what else will be missing? I guess I better start researching the EVO and perhaps the Windows 7  phones for when my end of an era phone finally goes.