Potpourri — hate that word — but it works

So a few things caught my attention this week and thought I would share

Instagram has rebounded from the privacy policy snafu a few months ago to hit 100 million users. Plus, North Korea has jumped on the bandwagon and now is using Instagram. Who knew? And Btw, no longer is it taking pictures, its instagramming. BLECK.

More fun between Apple and Samsung this week. It seems that Apple is now going after Jellybean. LOL… Apple is going after Jellybean. Now that is just a funny headline. But alas.. its true.

On a security note, Adobe issued an emergency patch for some vulnerabilities today and urges all users to update ASAP. So get off your but and hit update!

And just a little more Google love, Google has switched on Google+ sign ins, in app posting. So soon you can use your Google credentials for other websites and apps. Now that’s easy…