Smartphone Dilemma

So my Palm Pre (that I really love) is starting its slow march towards death. Now the dilemma- the rumor is the new Palm Pre 2 is going to be Verizon only which leaves me out. Everyone keeps trying to push me to the EVO but I really don’t need all that hoopla and I really like the Palm webOS (excuse me I guess that is HP now). The phone is the perfect size to fit right in my pocket when I’m walking the dog and the touch screen responds well even with my gloves on in the winter. HP annouced 2 new phones today, the veer and the pre3 they also released that the Pre2 is up for pre-order tomorrow at Verizon. The Pre 3 will be available this summer but the loss of the Palm name is quite noticeable to us Palm followers and my question is what else will be missing? I guess I better start researching the EVO and perhaps the Windows 7  phones for when my end of an era phone finally goes.

Ford vs Mercedes – well sort of

Gear heads will become geeks as the automotive world becomes more and more immmersed in technology. Long gone are the days of  the mechanic listening to a cars engine ping and knock and deducing the problem. Now they plug your engine into a computer and the computer does the diagnostic for them. Well now in this digital age of apps for everything you can soon get a smart car with “an app for that”

Second Shot is Back

Studying hard for a Microsoft Exam?  Go here and register for the second shot promotion before you take your Microsoft exam  Ifyou don’t pass the exam you get a free retake.

*If you are taking a class at a Microsoft IT Academy and the exams are included then check with your instructor- your exam voucher might already include a second shot.

The Future

Many years ago a wise woman looked at the IT certification landscape and saw that security was the future. She gathered all the young men around (and one old guy) and said “CEH is the next big thing”. The men all scoffed and the old guy told her that she was crazy and that no one would be interested but she went ahead and took the training on her own. A few of the young men took notice and went forward with her in spite of the old guy and all were happy as her prediction came true. A few years ago the wise woman looked out and announced that the people should look to the future in the cloud and the green landscape and once again they scoffed. We will see…