Oh dear Blackberry… good luck!

So Blackberry is of the mindset that it is still choice of the professional person. Really? I kinda wonder what gave them that idea. And where are they getting the information from? I know for years it was the choice, but that has long since faded. Company IT groups phased out the BB and opened up to better, stable choices. I wonder why make such a bold statement? I mean I see more and more business people choosing other options, and not such the iPhone either. I personally love my phone. I also love the fact I don’t have to carry around my iPod anymore — I can just download all my music to my Samsung from google play and its there. Happiness.. I know — not so business like, but a happy person is a happy worker. These claims are funny since they I have read much to back that up:

Samsung Armors Android to Take On BlackBerry (good luck Blackberry)

And this makes me feel good… Boot up: BlackBerry PIN fears, iCloud’s deletion?, Google’s FTC gift and more

And wait for it…. Bam

Anyway, just one persons humble opinion and rant.

Have a good one!

Potpourri — hate that word — but it works

So a few things caught my attention this week and thought I would share

Instagram has rebounded from the privacy policy snafu a few months ago to hit 100 million users. Plus, North Korea has jumped on the bandwagon and now is using Instagram. Who knew? And Btw, no longer is it taking pictures, its instagramming. BLECK.

More fun between Apple and Samsung this week. It seems that Apple is now going after Jellybean. LOL… Apple is going after Jellybean. Now that is just a funny headline. But alas.. its true.

On a security note, Adobe issued an emergency patch for some vulnerabilities today and urges all users to update ASAP. So get off your but and hit update!

And just a little more Google love, Google has switched on Google+ sign ins, in app posting. So soon you can use your Google credentials for other websites and apps. Now that’s easy…

Twitter or Facebook — how do you share?

So several times a day, I scour the news and look for items that I think people would be really interested in and maybe haven’t had the chance to check out yet. Most of what I share on my twitter feed is tech news, health news and a few animal stories in between. Well, during football it is so much more then that. I find that I get better updates (and quicker) on my Twitter Football list then anywhere. I rely on it.

So that brings me to what I have noticed as I click the share button… more folks are tweeting then sharing on Facebook. I find that interesting. So what does that tell.. are the tides turning to twitter? Or is it easier and more relevant to share via Twitter then Facebook? Some new sources make it so easy to share others not so much. But it is still, IMO, the best way to “share” news that you believe your followers or anyone else out there would find interesting.

So sign up, read on and share… we are all waiting. And the next time your click on to share the story… check out to see who is winning the share war.. twitter or facebook!

Do you live in the clouds?

Ok, so you don’t but does some part of your data live in the clouds? Do you worry about security in the clouds? What was the driving force that made you decide to move your data to some place in the sky? How did you pick your provider? What should prospective folks look for that want to take the leap?

All very valid questions and ones I would add to your list to your growing list of WHY? A lot of discussion is happening around data security in the clouds, so you should ask and you should know they answers cold when you make the decision.

For companies I can only imagine how difficult it must be to move in that direction and place all your faith in this technology. But this is the wave of the future. But is it safe?

I would recommend anybody thinking about it .. do your research. Ask. Ask. Ask. Become somewhat the authority in your circle when it comes to this decision.

Read, read and read..and read again.

Knowledge is your best weapon…

Some more cyber training is needed? You think!

So, here I am scanning for some juicy news about something. Well, besides the Surface, the Blackberry and some kind of Apple News and I came across this article “More Cyber Security Training is Needed” — I am sorry I thought this was kinda of obvious? This article is in response to a report from NAO (National Audit Office). What is scary is that right below one article, it states that “Skills gap could take 20 years to fill.” Just a very scary thought that sends chills up my spine. Can we get together on this and start making this a priority? Ensuring the training and schooling is available? I would be on board with that.

Some more reading

UK still not training enough cyber-spooks, NAO report finds

Kinda makes a little worried that they are not taking it serious enough!

Will the Surface glide or skid out?

Well that all depends on what you read. If you read all the hype from the minute the first appeared until they opened the lines to buy, this puppy is the hottest thing since.. well the new blackberry. LOL. The first reports I read was that the Surface Pro had sold out quickly, but the more you read, apparently there weren’t enough to begin with in the first place. Nice. That is the easiest way to create hysteria and pump up the demand but hey.. it works.

I have to admit the Surface Pro looks intriguing, but I am not about to buy into the hype yet. Let the dust settle and all the other folks test it out and deal with the issues.

So on the surface … its looks like a win.. but wait a minute, I think we will see it falter. Wait and see

Do you ever ask yourself HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN?

So I am sure a majority of us thought Blackberry had died and long been forgotten. Well, maybe more hoped it had. Well it seems like it has made a resurrection and making an impact. But why? I have not had a chance to get my hands on one, but would love to see what the fuss is and why these are selling out in Canada and the UK. It is because they are only giving the stores like 10? Or does Blackberry have that much of a following that it can sustain and works its mojo to stay in the competition. We all know its a wait and see. But so far, they are coming out fighting and the loyal followers are lining up in droves… well at least in Canada and the UK.

I would love to hear some feed back from actual users.. care to share?

Pardon my interruption… but the superbowl had my attention ;-)

I must apologize for lack of posts. Between life, love and well the superbowl, I was totally distracted. I hope most of you got to see some of the commercials last night during one the most amazing, bizarre superbowls ever!
Although I had my favorites – the tide stain commercial (I am a forever Joe Montana fan), the happy bug VW commercial and of course the God made a farmer commercial.

But there is one “commercial” that never made it to air, but to Twitter and it had the most resounding effect. They took the down time when the lights when out (gotta love technology) and made a subtle but an amazing little ad and posted it to twitter. Quick thinking and the mentality of seizing the moment made it happen and it did not cost them 4 million dollars.

Pretty darn amazing…read more about how it all came to pass.

More for the Vine

So some exciting news this week for twitter and Vine. The new integration allows users to upload 6 seconds of video. Pretty sweet. It did start of with a bang but more of a snafu with some security issues, but I am pretty sure that has been resolved and now we begin a wonderful journey with twitter and vine.

Even though it limits you by only allowing 6 seconds of video, those who use twitter are used to being creative with limited space. I have read so much about this new addition and watched so many creative 6 second video, I must confess I am impressed.

So– get out there and shoot some video, tweeters.. make us proud.

Manic Monday

Game news is not always the highlight of my life. While I believe they are good options for relaxing, I never understood why people get some consumed by them. But that is just me 😉
Yet again, my Monday ritual is scanning the headlines, and this caught my attention:
Biometrics and touchscreen may be coming to PS4 controller — this should make some folks very happy.

And if that is not enough: PS4 more powerful than Xbox720’

I am pretty sure I got everyone’s whistle slight moist over this news, but we can only hope for some of these nuggets of information to come true 😉

And what would it be if I did not share some awesomeness ..Mission Impossi- baby