Happy Birthday Twitter

So I feel like I have been using twitter forever, but then I checked… it has only been like 5 years. But still a long time. I can’t tell if I tweet too much or not enough.  I mean I am up to 21,000 tweets?  I try to share, laugh and really embrace who I am on Twitter.  Its easier for me to get out how I feel in 140 characters.  Don’t ask me why — so many people tell me that they reallly don’t get twitter.  My favorite part of twitter is getting all my Football updates and then all my health updates.  I really like the people I have met through Twitter.  They are passionate and rally by your side when needed.  Just me … but its my choice.

Twitter turns 8 – so in celebration it added a new feature to find your first tweet – first-tweets.com.  You can check yours or somebody elses… now this can be fun.  So go have some fun!


Home … there’s nothing like home?!

So I finally made the transition to work from home full time — while it was a difficult decision it was much needed for health reasons. A lot of people would ask why — those who have – will understand. Getting your space outfitted with what you need is one thing, the biggest hurdle in my mind is MY MIND. Why I am very connected, it has become too easy to stay put and not reach beyond being “plugged in.” Which is odd for me.. I love people but I think I become over stimulated by not the proper balance and not really loving what I was doing. So now another hurdle.. balancing so I can get my people fix and ensure everything is taken care of for work. So the first two week.. it has been hard – but I am confident I will strike a balance I mean after all it is called Social Media. My home is my safe place… no one can hurt me here — yell at me, make me feel incompetent or whatever plus I have four amazing furry work mates (while they are a lot of work — I love them) – I don’t get judged on what I am wearing or what I look like (everyone ‘s biggest commment .. .you don’t look that sick – that is another and a lifetime of bs). SO I am content now hiding a bit — but still expressing my creative self and kicking butt in the process. So open your arms — be patient and I will not disappoint..

The increase…. Is Amazon Prime worth it?

So after finally breaking down (yes I am late to that party), I recently signed up for Amazon Prime.  What sold me was when I was sick TV got incredibly boring, so I did a simple search on best shows of 2013 (there are several thousands different listings for that search) and decided I was going to broaden my horizons and watch what the internet called great TV.  The problem was my cable provider is not the best when it come to on demand, so I was stuck.  So out comes the playstation and I started watching the shows (most for free) from Amazon.  Oh how I was so surprised what I had missed sticking to my same old same old.  I found Hannibal, Sherlock and Luther just to name a few.  And on top of that I could watch it all at once.  BINGE TV.  How exciting and sad at the same time.  I became addicted quick.  So I was fine when after I signed up form Prime, the took out my money.  Then  2 days later I get the email… hello in 2015 your shit is going up.  Was I irritated  .. sure.  Does it surprise me.. no.  That is all you hear about now… Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or whatever.  But it makes me wanna get rid of cable for sure.

Now I have a year to use the heck out of it and decide if it is worth it?  What are your thoughts?

How Impersonal

From time to time I hear about how impersonal electronic forms of communication are and I have to disagree. I do agree that people can be very rude with cellphone in hand texting while having a converstaion with you but that is not the same thing. I also agree that some people just cannot convey what they are trying to say properly through email but that is also not the same thing. Recently I have had two friends go off the grid, for personal reasons they have just dropped out and tuned out of all forms of communication and social media. These were people that I interacted with daily through text, email, Twitter and occasionally FaceBook. Our texts were sometimes brief but I would not ever consider them impersonal and as a matter of fact their abscence has left a very large void in my life and daily routine. I miss them both and the “impersonal” communication terribly.

Some April Fool fun

So it seems that a few tech companies poked fun at each other yesterday. Lets take a look

Bing decided to poke fun at Google (surprise) but creating a page for searching similar to their friends at Google.

While Gmail decided to poke a little fun at Microsoft with Gmail Blue.

Take a break today and have a look at the pranks that happened all around the web.. you deserve a giggle.

I wonder how many people fell pray to some of the pranks of 2013. Gotta love April Fool Day on the web… it makes it that much more believable!…not really!

Some interesting news tidbits

As always, I love to read and scan the headlines early in the morning. But this morning I got sidetracked with our first real snow all season. Yes you read that correctly.. snow and late March. When will the madness end.

I wanted to share some headlines that grabbed my attention and thought you would find interesting on you Monday afternoon:

T-Mobile dropping cellphone contracts (say what
): — that headline alone got me intrigued and a little irritated with my current cell phone contract.

LinkedIn unifies search to push people to content — a better way to help people find jobs… SCORE!

And just in case you missed my sadness in my last post, more news over Google dropping Reader: The Google Reader Problem With Trusting Google.

And one more headline …Lawmaker: Google Glass and driving don’t mix (REALLY?)

Can I just please have my new Galaxy S4 now?

And yet… Google you keep teasing … shame on you

So yes, I am behind but still my post is rather relevant. Apparently after Google decided to pull the plug on Reader, it Google teased us with Google Keep. Then it was gone. Just that quickly. Well at least no one got used to it.

Read More.. or not. It does make your head spin

But wait… here is a little smidge of positive news (well this minute) Gmail for Android updates to enable replies from notifications. Wait for it – for those who have Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Ahh.. thanks. But yet again, I get short end of stick… guess why!

Oh but maybe this could make me feel better: Google Street View Goes to Its Most Extreme Destinations Yet: 4 of the Planet’s Highest Mountains.

Not really…. but maybe for you. Actually more like abandoned by Google.

Well.. this girl is feeling lost…

Dear Google.. why do you treat me so bad?

So as most of you can tell, I am one of those peeps that enjoys her stuff organize. One stop shopping is what I am about. The less I have to click, the better. So that is why I have actually become dependent on google for a lot of my needs. Most of my health related blogs and such are organized in Google reader and now … I get a this little email that says.. poof its going away. That’s a fine how do you do. Then bam.. they are also getting rid of my nice little plug in that automatically syncs my documents with my drive (when in office). Um….Google.. can you stop now?

I know… you are all saying.. why did you put all your eggs in one basket girl? Easy… because Google made me drink the kool-aid and I bought into it all and now I am not happy. I know its only two things… but seriously whats next? Now.. now I actually have to find another reader, export my stuff and make it all works. I know.. I am lazy, but again.. Google’s fault. Now I wait for sky to fall..

More light reading

More whine

Who would have thought? (Major Sarcasm)

So a follow up to the fine yesterday imposed by EU on Microsoft — who was the third party that uncovered the violation? Google? Well you can read more to find out.. interesting.

In other news, Facebook is redesigning in hopes of keeping users engaged. I vaguely remember the last time when they did this and all it did was make users very mad.

Of course until March 14 and the launch of the the Galaxy S4– we are going to hear a lot of rumors and such. The one thing that came out is an update for Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 Update May Add Smart Scroll — hmm. I think I want the new phone. Hang tight, things are going get fun!

Scanning the globe

I have really enjoyed really all the hype regarding the new Samsung Galaxy S4. I am super excited for March 14…everything that is leaking out just adds to the momentum. Are you excited? You can catch up with what other people are saying about the possibilities and and the range of possible features.

The top headline would be the fine for Microsoft by EU — 750 million by admittedly breaking the voluntary agreement due to a technical error. Wow…

I am not an apple fan, but I did go “OOOHHH” when I read this headline and opened the story about the new 21.5 iMac for schools… nice.

And for those Iron Man fanatics… the new trailer! I can’t wait.

Enjoy the day!