Pardon my interruption… but the superbowl had my attention ;-)

I must apologize for lack of posts. Between life, love and well the superbowl, I was totally distracted. I hope most of you got to see some of the commercials last night during one the most amazing, bizarre superbowls ever!
Although I had my favorites – the tide stain commercial (I am a forever Joe Montana fan), the happy bug VW commercial and of course the God made a farmer commercial.

But there is one “commercial” that never made it to air, but to Twitter and it had the most resounding effect. They took the down time when the lights when out (gotta love technology) and made a subtle but an amazing little ad and posted it to twitter. Quick thinking and the mentality of seizing the moment made it happen and it did not cost them 4 million dollars.

Pretty darn amazing…read more about how it all came to pass.