On your mark.. get set.. pick up your PENS!

thank_you_inscription_03_hd_picturesSo many times we get lost in the ease of using our gadgets to reach out to people. This day and age it is all to easy to shoot off an email, text or a some internet based communication. Well that is all well and find, but how about you combine both — take some of those amazing pictures that you shoot on your smart phone and create a notecards and set down at a desk and pick up a pen (you remember what that is right?). I believe if you take the time to write a personal note it will go a long way and it gives the recipient the feeling that you actually care and that you actually mean what you say. I know .. its extra steps — it costs money and it takes time. Well you know what — most people are worth the time and effort. And if you make the card from one of your personal pictures .. man does that make an impression. Recently I took the time and had note card made up from some of my favorite pictures and when I need to say Thank you or whatever, I take one of those cards and I write down my feelings. And you know what — I feel so much better that that person knows I really care because I took the time to site down, pick up a pen and tell them how I feel on paper and not an impersonal email or text. Try it. Shutterfly has some great options and its worth it especially to those people you care about. Now.. go pick up a pen.