Oh dear Blackberry… good luck!

So Blackberry is of the mindset that it is still choice of the professional person. Really? I kinda wonder what gave them that idea. And where are they getting the information from? I know for years it was the choice, but that has long since faded. Company IT groups phased out the BB and opened up to better, stable choices. I wonder why make such a bold statement? I mean I see more and more business people choosing other options, and not such the iPhone either. I personally love my phone. I also love the fact I don’t have to carry around my iPod anymore — I can just download all my music to my Samsung from google play and its there. Happiness.. I know — not so business like, but a happy person is a happy worker. These claims are funny since they I have read much to back that up:

Samsung Armors Android to Take On BlackBerry (good luck Blackberry)

And this makes me feel good… Boot up: BlackBerry PIN fears, iCloud’s deletion?, Google’s FTC gift and more

And wait for it…. Bam

Anyway, just one persons humble opinion and rant.

Have a good one!