Network Services

Peek Consulting LLC provides exceptional service to the small business community. As a Microsoft Partner they ensure you get the best value and support for your business.

Network Services
Design, Configuration & Troubleshooting

 Internet ConceptSystems Planning and Purchasing
Planning a network or a purchasing new systems is approached with a solutions oriented outlook, to develop a system that not only meets your needs for today, but the anticipated requirements down the road. Our Engineers can design your Active Directory Forest and network infrastructure for either “clean” installs or upgrades and migrations.  As individual consultants, we are not bound to any one vendor or manufacturer. This allows us to advise on the right hardware and software purchase to fit your unique needs.


Data Recovery
Accidental deletion, system crashes, natural disaster and data corruption are all possible scenarios for data loss. Peek Consulting offers recovery solutions for a variety of different media.

Let Peek Consulting handle the Installation and configuration of your wireless and/or wired networks.

Safety & Security
A lack or absence of security policies and or intrusion detection systems leaves everyone at the mercy of hackers and malware.  Administrators and businesses that are not up to date on the latest security legislation are at risk for fines and lawsuits.  Peek Consulting provides education to employees on compliance issues, the importance of back-ups and how to secure hardware and peripherals  as well as setting internal security measures such as passwords and access tracking. Today’s networks have to be secure from much more than virus activity.  We specialize in securing your data. Since 75% of all security problems are internal to the organization we help companies devise policies and procedures to eliminate inappropriate activity on your network and help reduce your legal liabilities.

Installation Modification & Repair
We can install, move, or modify hardware at the desktop or server location and upgrade software as needed.