I actually asked for help…

So we all know it’s hard for us tech folk to ask for help. I have done it all – tech support, tech training and tech consulting. And sometimes we must rely on tech support for problems or items that are not under our control.
I have always been of the mindset to never disrespect someone who asked for help, always walk them thru this issue and provide knowledge so in the future they did not feel helpless. Most important — they did not feel stupid for asking for help. Well, in this day in age we most certainly gotta away from teaching our IT support and trainers to ensure our clients feel confident, comfortable and NOT STUPID. You may ask what happened?
I sent an email to a company I work with to make some changes regarding a DNS update and I let them know that I just needed to speak with my other company who hosted the DNS to make sure there were no any issues. SURE ENOUGH, the VP of IT Development shoots back an email…” HUH.. what is she talking about. They have nothing to do with it and she does not know what she is talking about.” I am 99% sure he did not want me to get that response and that is FINE if he feels that way… but to put it in an email? Seriously folks, I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to keep my cool and not point out that he apparently doesn’t know how email works. But I did not and to see his response in writing was priceless … telling me he would host blah blah blah for free if I just game him a wink and smile. Again, what the heck is wrong with you?

My whole point is — when you are hiring these IT support people, IT Trainers and IT consultants make sure they have PEOPLE skills. I know, it is a rare trait, but they are out there. Don’t hire these hot shot young people just because they know how to xyz. Because I am pretty sure they don’t know how to deal with people or deal with a real life job. Nor can they appreciate the consequences of what bad stuff can happen for your company when your tech person makes your client feel stupid.
Hire smart.. train to keep your clients and most importantly make sure your staff knows how to hit reply and not reply all. Payback can be a bitch named Gina.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the football