Home … there’s nothing like home?!

So I finally made the transition to work from home full time — while it was a difficult decision it was much needed for health reasons. A lot of people would ask why — those who have – will understand. Getting your space outfitted with what you need is one thing, the biggest hurdle in my mind is MY MIND. Why I am very connected, it has become too easy to stay put and not reach beyond being “plugged in.” Which is odd for me.. I love people but I think I become over stimulated by not the proper balance and not really loving what I was doing. So now another hurdle.. balancing so I can get my people fix and ensure everything is taken care of for work. So the first two week.. it has been hard – but I am confident I will strike a balance I mean after all it is called Social Media. My home is my safe place… no one can hurt me here — yell at me, make me feel incompetent or whatever plus I have four amazing furry work mates (while they are a lot of work — I love them) – I don’t get judged on what I am wearing or what I look like (everyone ‘s biggest commment .. .you don’t look that sick – that is another and a lifetime of bs). SO I am content now hiding a bit — but still expressing my creative self and kicking butt in the process. So open your arms — be patient and I will not disappoint..