Happy Birthday Twitter

So I feel like I have been using twitter forever, but then I checked… it has only been like 5 years. But still a long time. I can’t tell if I tweet too much or not enough.  I mean I am up to 21,000 tweets?  I try to share, laugh and really embrace who I am on Twitter.  Its easier for me to get out how I feel in 140 characters.  Don’t ask me why — so many people tell me that they reallly don’t get twitter.  My favorite part of twitter is getting all my Football updates and then all my health updates.  I really like the people I have met through Twitter.  They are passionate and rally by your side when needed.  Just me … but its my choice.

Twitter turns 8 – so in celebration it added a new feature to find your first tweet – first-tweets.com.  You can check yours or somebody elses… now this can be fun.  So go have some fun!