For many reasons, this breaks my heart

After reading news all weekend and being immersed in divisional playoffs this weekend, 1 particular headline broke my heart for many reasons.

Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide –

I can’t even begin to understand, but a 24 kid (yes a kid) who had done AMAZING work at such a young age and made some choices based on his belief — killed himself. Was is the stress of the trial? Or as A LOT of news agencies are speculating — depression. Whatever reason — it is a hard truth and a sad end to a really AMAZING visionary and kid who had a lot more to offer.

Feds dismiss charges against Swartz, cite suicide

I don’t mean to start Monday on a sad note, but Mr. Swartz had so much (in everyone’s eyes) but made a choice to end his life, it really does break my hear. And it should have never gotten this far..
Aaron Swartz’s Suicide Prompts MIT Soul Searching

Suicide is never the answer.