Do you live in the clouds?

Ok, so you don’t but does some part of your data live in the clouds? Do you worry about security in the clouds? What was the driving force that made you decide to move your data to some place in the sky? How did you pick your provider? What should prospective folks look for that want to take the leap?

All very valid questions and ones I would add to your list to your growing list of WHY? A lot of discussion is happening around data security in the clouds, so you should ask and you should know they answers cold when you make the decision.

For companies I can only imagine how difficult it must be to move in that direction and place all your faith in this technology. But this is the wave of the future. But is it safe?

I would recommend anybody thinking about it .. do your research. Ask. Ask. Ask. Become somewhat the authority in your circle when it comes to this decision.

Read, read and read..and read again.

Knowledge is your best weapon…