Do you feel kinda cheated?

So I keep scanning the headlines to see what pops out to me as relevant or newsworthy. Yesterday.. nada. Seriously, the big splash yesterday was that. Zynga cut nearly a dozen games. Really.. petville makes news or that fact that companies produce free games and they can’t make it without money? But one thing sticks out from yesterday and today (and yes it does make me giggle for iPhone users) — The iPhone 5 may have just come out but there are reports that Apple is already testing its next iPhone and mobile operating system. I really have to tip my hats to iPhone users — they keep buying it. What a pain in the arse and what a racket. Did iPhone 5 stink that bad? I know you need to keep up and move ahead in this business, but what kind of confidence does that build with your user when you are already working on an upgrade? If I was one, I would be irked. Well.. at least you have fix coming January 7!

Anyway… here is some cool picks off The Awesome to get you thru the day 😉
The Sound Bottle
Can you say banana? (just a funny)

Enjoy the day!