Dear Google.. why do you treat me so bad?

So as most of you can tell, I am one of those peeps that enjoys her stuff organize. One stop shopping is what I am about. The less I have to click, the better. So that is why I have actually become dependent on google for a lot of my needs. Most of my health related blogs and such are organized in Google reader and now … I get a this little email that says.. poof its going away. That’s a fine how do you do. Then bam.. they are also getting rid of my nice little plug in that automatically syncs my documents with my drive (when in office). Um….Google.. can you stop now?

I know… you are all saying.. why did you put all your eggs in one basket girl? Easy… because Google made me drink the kool-aid and I bought into it all and now I am not happy. I know its only two things… but seriously whats next? Now.. now I actually have to find another reader, export my stuff and make it all works. I know.. I am lazy, but again.. Google’s fault. Now I wait for sky to fall..

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