And yet… Google you keep teasing … shame on you

So yes, I am behind but still my post is rather relevant. Apparently after Google decided to pull the plug on Reader, it Google teased us with Google Keep. Then it was gone. Just that quickly. Well at least no one got used to it.

Read More.. or not. It does make your head spin

But wait… here is a little smidge of positive news (well this minute) Gmail for Android updates to enable replies from notifications. Wait for it – for those who have Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Ahh.. thanks. But yet again, I get short end of stick… guess why!

Oh but maybe this could make me feel better: Google Street View Goes to Its Most Extreme Destinations Yet: 4 of the Planet’s Highest Mountains.

Not really…. but maybe for you. Actually more like abandoned by Google.

Well.. this girl is feeling lost…